Concept & History

Inglot Cosmetics is a European brand that first arrived in the beauty industry 30 years ago in Poland. Today, Inglot Cosmetics is a leading cosmetic manufacturer with a reach that expands across the globe. Between an extensive and unmatched Inglot Cosmetics line, its continuous dedication to fusing technology with trends, and the business savvy decision to collaborate with some of the industry’s most regarded beauty experts, Inglot Cosmetics knows what it takes to become a force in the cosmetic industry. You’re likely to find Inglot Cosmetics represented across industries and continents, from Fashion Week to Broadway, and with no intentions of slowing down anytime soon..

The Presence

Inglot Cosmetics strives to create the most extensive and versatile collection of high-quality beauty products. Right now, there are over 1,500 colors represented in the Inglot Cosmetics line. From lips to eyes, face to nails, Inglot Cosmetics continuously provides rich and vibrant colors for all occasions.

If you’re looking for high performing, top quality makeup, look no further than Inglot Cosmetics..


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